Mobile Marketing - The Event 25.06.2013

Sponsor's statement: StrikeAd

StrikeAd is the first dedicated Mobile advertising Demand Side Platform (DSP), which enables Advertisers, Brands and Agencies to plan, optimize and deliver the most effective Mobile advertising Campaigns on a global scale.

Partnering with the most innovative Mobile-ready Audience Data Partners has enabled StrikeAd to discover and reach their Clients' targets and goals.

StrikeAd’s proprietary platform integrates algorithmic Real-Time Optimization, which tracks behavior beyond the click, be it brand engagement or direct-response.

In addition, StrikeAd has robust Geo-Targeting capabilities that engage consumers in optimal locations to maximize response for all Campaigns. These capabilities ensure that StrikeAd campaigns become more effective over time, maximizing the value of Mobile investment.

Founded in 2010, StrikeAd is headquartered in New York City, and has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.